Breakout sessions

The conference will be distinctly modular in structure, alternating between highly stimulating plenary sessions with renowned speakers who will lay out their vision on global security, and various breakout sessions with very relevant topics from which you can pick and choose.

Powerful Structures (I)

The notion of ecosystems originates from ecology. An ecosystem is "a system of complex interactions of populations between themselves and with their environment". Human ecosystems apply to ‘groups of people’ rather [...]

Powerful Structures (II)

An ecosystem is “a system of complex interactions of populations between themselves and with their environment”, a notion that originates from ecology. For many organizations, the concept of ecosystems is still [...]

Disruptive Technologies

Adapting Linear Organisations to Exponential Developments: Disruptive technologies radically break with the paradigm of existing technological and organisational capabilities. Disruptive technologies provide huge transformational power with, [...]

A Cyber Space Odyssey

Information Assurance vs. Offensive Operations: The ongoing digital revolution has made connections much easier, faster and more sizable than ever before. Our shared reliance on digital [...]

Under Pressure

Hybrid Crisis Management and the Conjuncture of the Cyber and Physical Domain: Cyber attacks in our day and age have become almost normal events and can [...]


Base of the Future (I)

Base of the Future (I)

Architecture and design thinking in Peacekeeping missions : The development of a peacekeeping base in the area in which a stabilisation mission is conducted could provide [...]

The End of Leadership?

Making Leaders Less Necessary : In a rather devastating book on leadership studies and the leadership industry, aptly titled The End of Leadership, Barbara Kellerman describes how [...]

Operation Peace

Challenges to Peacekeeping in the 21st Century : The landscape for peacekeeping operations is rapidly changing. Missions frequently find themselves amid asymmetric conflicts involving a multitude [...]

The Road to Durable Peace

Transitioning from Military Interventions to Long-Term Counter-Terrorism Policy : In this break-out session on Military Transitions, factors and best practices involved in successfully transforming a broad [...]

Access Denied

Dealing with Degraded Political and Operational Environments : The aim of degrading the operational environment is to deny the adversary to execute his strategy or influence [...]

Engineering for Peace

Empowering Sustainability, Good Governance & Peace through Technology: The smart integration of different disciplines and sciences can solve the complex and multidimensional challenges of our era. [...]